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     Dulyakij Accounting Office is professional team that provide standard of professional services in area of accounting and related to business organization and general person. Our services are included account bookkeeping, business organization registration, taxations, financial, legal and computer services.


Our services



  • Provide account bookkeeping follow by accounting standard.
  • Provide monthly financial statement and ledger
  • Provide fixed asset register
  • Provide inventory accounting


  • Prepare monthly tax return (VAT, withholding tax) , file semi annual and annual corporate tax return
  • Advise on tax matters.



  • Prepare financial report
  • Provide corporate value appraisal
  • Provide project feasibility study
  • Prepare business plan



  • Legal consultation in area of business law



  • Computer system consultancy.
  • Computer and network system implementation.
  • Computer and network system maintenance services.
  • Information system audit and document control preparation
  • Information system usage training.


Contact Information


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Dulyakij Accounting Office

206/123 The Metro Sathorn Road, Bangkok.
Bang Wa, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160.

Tel: 02-458-8488
Fax: 02-458-8044
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